Good Friday 3 Day Practice

Good Friday 3 Day practice details are now here!

Begins from April 14-16th, 2017 – Costs BELOW

  • Good Friday (April 14th) regular open practice hours (gates open at 9am riding begins at 10am-5pm)
  • Saturday: Regular open practice hours plus our ANNUAL GEAR SWAP event will be held on this day! There will be a little fee at the gate as this year we are not holding a fundraiser with this weekend. All proceeds go into funding our clubs future improvements so we can have more events and/or riding days like these! Bring ANY gear/parts that you are not needing or using anymore and sell to other riders by setting up your own table!
  • Sunday: Regular hours and open practice. Second day of the ANNUAL GEAR SWAP event still in effect until riding is done!


  1. Families/Individuals who are traveling 3/+ hours to come for this 3-day event: A 1-time fee of $100.00 – This includes: Riding for all 3 days, a table fee for swap/selling gear, and camping. SPECIAL NOTE: *If you have not yet purchased a membership to ride at our track, this weekend is voided for membership requirements.
  2. Membership holders and/or individuals who come from a closer distance: Same fees will apply per/day of riding with regards to the kind of membership you have. There is a $10.00 camping fee and a $10.00 table fee/day for the 3 days. 

We look forward to seeing the community get together for beginner families and/or individuals as we all know how fast we can grow out of our gear, or how much extra stuff we can accumulate in the garage! There will also be local stores that may be selling new items this weekend as well! (Take the benefit of the doubt and assume that this weekend is cash only)

We look forward to providing you with plenty safe fun hours of seat time! Keep checking our website, or Facebook PAGE ( for more details that may be released come closer to the weekend!