FAQ answered…

So, with the weather changing we want to keep you up to date with the upcoming changes/dates at our track!

  • This year, our tentative date to open for riding will be around March 15th/19th and it will be weather dependent! We have some exciting changes to still apply so please, bear with us as we will do our best to open at this time/earlier.

Another FAQ during this season of withdrawal from throttle therapy: When is the first race?

We have not solidified all the dates for all of our events. They will be announced ASAP, however, we do know for a fact that you should ALL free up your schedules in the spring season as we will be hosting:

  • 1 CMRC race
  • 2 Futures West Moto races

and possibly a riding school for everyone who’s looking to freshen up their skills.

PLEASE remember that you cannot just roll up with your toys and throw down laps on our track- The opening weekends are very busy full of membership purchases and it’s safe to say the sound testing takes the most time! Hope this helps answer some questions!

  • Our sponsorship package has also been updated! If you’re interested in donating/sponsoring please visit our Sponsorships page!

PLEASE TAKE A PEEK and WELCOME our new Executive Members who will be playing roles in making this year another season full of laps and smiles with the miles!

Hope to see you all playing in the dirt ASAP! Courtney Bowman Photo