Confirmed Opening Date

We are excited to verify that our track will be opening for its first open practice this year on Sunday, March 26th 2017. Gates open at 9 am open ride starts at 10-dusk. Please keep in mind:

  1. It is still weather permitting. If we get torrential downpour we will not open as we need to think of the big picture- giving you the best track for the WHOLE year.
  2. Going forward with the above point, keep in mind our track is holding moisture and there are some very soft spots of the track. Please take the first few laps easy as the terrain is still unpredictable.
  3. SHOW UP EARLY. If you have not purchased a 2017 membership to ride, you won’t be the only one. Give yourself enough time to sign up, and set up.
  4. All BIKES need to be sound tested. There will be sound testing there but only 1 station…make sure you’ve done your homework and re-packed/looked over your bike before trying to pass the test. Click on the links below if you need further details.


Sound testing:

*Keep in mind you can purchase 2017 memberships at our local stores who have sponsored our track!* :

Let’s JUMP into spring!