All bikes, without exception must be sound tested before riding on our track. All bikes must be 96 dB or less to ride on the track. If your bike passes the sound test, you’ll get a sticker for your bike.


What happens if my bike doesn’t pass?

Talk to the experts at one of our several sponsors;  Valley Moto Sport West K, Valley Moto Sport Kelowna, Kelowna Yamaha, Kelowna Honda

You might just need to re-pack your exhaust (silencer).

If your bike has sat for a while it might need to be run hard for a couple of laps to loosen the packing material in the silencer and just needs to be retested.

You might need an exhaust insert, some after market models offer a “dB insert” to lower the db rating of their products

It is up to the rider to ensure their bike is in proper working order and that it passes the sound test.


*Please note on opening day the line up for sound testing can get quite long so get there early.*